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Name: Ned
Dexterity: 4
Blood Type: Proof Negative
Bio: Ned goes for the triple N: Naive, nice, nervous. Socially awkward, but getting there. Moody. Likes Drunkboy.



Name: Adam
Blood Type: AB Fabulous
Bone structures: Perfect
Bio: Adam is stylish, witty, and well-composed. Excellent dancer. Really does have Ned's best interests in mind.


Name: Drunkboy
Blood Type: O Unleaded
Bio: Drunkboy is a unit 30021 experimental Government robot. His intelligence may be artificial but his love is real.


Name: Lindsey
Blood Type: RA Positive
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Bio: Lindsey is the resident assistant you'd want to have. She's fun, thoughtful, no-nonsense, and doesn't care if you've got a George Foreman just as long as you don't burn the place down.


Name: Lo'Vonia
Finishing Move: Hello Kitty shiv
Bio: Lo'Vonia is absolutely insane, which is marvelous by us. She collects Hello Kitty memorabilia and dresses better than no other. Very defensive of her friends.


Name: Creepy Todd
Blood Type: AB Stagnant
Alignment: True Neutral
Bio: Todd is very very unlucky. Quiet, socially inept, depressed. Recently zombified.


Name: Asian Dave
Blood Type: MSG Positive
Bio: Dave is friendly and thoughtful. Sometimes misunderstood. Takes more guff for being Asian American than Lucy Liu in "Kill Bill."


Name: Gary
Loves: Mini Coopers, Technology, Dancing, Muscles
Body Fat: 0%
Blood type: Smooth
Bio: Gary is friendly and sociable. Down to earth, closely connected to all of his electronics.


Name: Pyrate
Alingment: Chaotic
Blood Type: Scurvy Positive
Bio: Pyrate is a pirate. Sneaky, playful, illogical. Loves chasing shinies. Owns a very large cannon or two.


Name: Deb
Major: Photography
Bio: Rumor has it Deb was raised by either a tribe of Amazon women, or wild dogs. Deb can be playful like a puppy in one moment, and kicking some guy's ass the next.

Name: Seabiscuit the Rhode Island Cock Fighter
Weight Class: 10 lbs
Bio: Fighting rooster Deb rescued from some swarthy Greeks. Likes violence. Needs an outlet.

Name: Tybee
Charisma: 19
Intelligence: 4
Bio: He's a little bit Hollister, he's a little bit Abercrombie and Fitch. Tybee likes movies with talking animals and catching Frisbees on the beach.


Name: Heather
Blood type: Virgin
Bio: Heather is quiet and sensitive. Intelligent. Likes Harry Potter.



Name: Ryan
Bio: Ryan plays violent videogames and likes violent horror flicks, but has a soft spot for artsy independent films. Sometimes angry, in your face, sometimes sentimental.


Name: Kevin Strickland
Blood type: Carbonated
Bio: Kevin is an appropriation artist. Eccentric, endearing, talented. Works primarily with pop culture relics from the 80s.



Name: Stormi McGothclowde
Blood Type: Bad

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